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Designed for entrepreneurs and small businesses; provides a quick and easy way to create an online e-commerce site. This package includes Miva Merchant, a powerful application that allows your Web site to come alive with interactivity and the power of XML and CGI.


ECHO Hosting is proud to be a licensed provider of Miva Merchant, one of the most popular and easy to use Store Front and Catalog development tools.

The Merchant Store Builder package is included at no extra charge with your E-commerce Website Hosting account! A $500.00 value and comparable to other competitors products with pricing starting out at over $1200.00.

All you need is a web browser to build your Store and Catalog. There is no complicated software to install and set up since since Miva Store Builder is preinstalled with your E-commerce account.

Miva Store Builder provides a complete E-commerce solution:

  • Catalog Creation
  • Shopping basket
  • Product maintenance
  • Category management,
  • Order Processing using SSL
  • Credit Card processing using SSL
  • Online Credit card authorization *
  • Operate your store through a web control panel.


Database Management
Thousands of categories and products can be maintained in Miva Merchant without sacrificing performance. The database architecture of the system provides for instant organization and fast product search while maintaining complete compatibility with other systems. You can use dozens of different database management tool to access Miva Merchant xBase compatible data files.

Modular Architecture
The architecture of Miva Merchant is specifically designed so that developers and aftermarket venders can implement their own customized modules around a common API. Once a module is developed, push button registration automatically integrates it into the main Miva Merchant system.

Existing Site Integration
Developers who have already built sites in HTML can simply hyperlink directly into the Miva Merchant system. All of the Storefront functionality such as product lookup, category presentation, shopping basket, and order forms can be accessed as components of existing HTML based web sites.

All sensitive data can be encrypted with SSL prior to transmission including order information both during the customer ordering process and subsequently during order processing. Multiple layers of login permissions allow a centralized manager the ability to grant store level permissions to different developers and merchants.

Online Help
Context sensitive help is available for each key field in the administrative interface. Miva Corporation maintains an online users group with staff members who answer questions

* Requires a affiliation with a online processing center such as Authorizenet or cybercash

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