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Miva Order a quick and easy way to create an online e-commerce site. This package includes flexible browser based tool that will allow you to get your store up quick and easily.

Miva Order is a customizable browser-based order form and order processing system. It can be personalized with specific color, graphics, product descriptions and other layout options. Businesses simply incorporate a link from the web page where their products are sold, permitting customers to seamlessly access the order form and make purchases.

Users are able to create and manage custom product order forms with provisions that simplify the process of calculating sales tax, shipping costs and currency formatting.

Quick Feature Summary

  • Web-based, flexible order form.
  • Secure ordering/administration
  • Fully configurable look & feel.
  • Automatic merchant order notification
  • Multiple currency formatting.
  • Sales tax calculations
  • Base plus weight shipping calculations
  • Five different payment versions:
    • Simple Credit Card Validation
    • CyberCash
    • CyberSource
    • Cardservice
    • PaymentNet
  • Unlimited number of products


Virtual Domain or Dedicated Domain
Because Miva Order runs in a Miva-enabled web site, it is ideal for either virtual domain or dedicated domain implementations.

Group Order Processing
Orders can be processed individually or placed into groups or batches. This enables users to mark selected orders for priority handling.

Existing Site Integration
Developers who have already built sites in HTML can simply hyperlink directly into the Miva Order system.

All sensitive data can be encrypted with SSL prior to transmission. This includes order information during the customer ordering process and during the order processing.

Online Help
Context sensitive help is available for each key field in the administrative interface at

Site Administrator Friendly
Miva Order requires no daily management or intervention from busy system administrators. Installation takes less than a minute on any Miva-enabled system.


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