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Thats an Order LE Merchant Solutions

Add Ecommerce capability to your website quickly and easily using your web browser.

Add complete ecommerce capability to your website with this full featured and powerful ecommerce solution. With this package you can set up ALL your store options and ecommerce entirely online! Set up all the ecommerce options with an easy step by step process. Perform inventory tracking and integrate shipping with FedEx and UPS.

Powerful Tracking Options
  That's An Order LE creates a unique order number for each order made.
  That's An Order LE creates an email database which can be used for sales, mailings, etc.
  That's An Order LE creates a master backup file which will store all order information, except for credit card numbers, for security reasons.

Taking Orders
  That's An Order will collect First name, Last name, Address, Day phone, Credit Card number, and cardholder's name for each customer.
  The order form checks the validity of the credit card number and the expiration date.
  The final total including tax and shipping is displayed to the customer before the order is finalized.
  When the customer completes their order a message thanking them for shopping at your store and informing them that they will receive an order confirmation via email is displayed. Provide your customer the option of secure (SSL) or regular checkout.

E-commerce Setup
  Add up to 25 products
  Select states you will charge sales tax for
  Set shipping cost per item or per sales amount
  Select type of shipping (FedEx, UPS, etc)
  Define product presentation options: like sizes, colors, description and image using

E-Commerce Look and Feel
  Upload your page Header
  Upload your page footer
  Enter Order Confirmation text to be emailed to each customer

Setup Product Info
  Upload Product Pictures
  Indicate name, description and price for each product Define available sizes for each product

Admin Utility to Maintain Your Store
  Add or delete products
  Change product details
  Edit or delete tax and shipping rates
  Upload new header and footer information



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