ECHO Web Hosting Resellers Program.

Reseller Feature Detail
True Domain
This is a domain using a name of your choice ( This domain is assigned its own IP# and is not aliased of another ip.


Disk Storage
We give a very generous amount of space and designate 5000 files for each 100 megs you use. The website we provide can handle up to 15000 pages and graphic files.


Daily Traffic Allowance
The traffic allowance provided per domain is apprx 30 times what a normal user would need. Please refer to our policies for limitation on certain file protocols.


Email Forwarding
You will be able to specify up to 500 email addresses in a simple text file and have them each redirected to a location of your choice.


Unlimited Email Alias
Unlike many system, we have designed our network using our trade marked Powerplus mail system to automatically capture anyname that may be sent to your domain name. This means as long as the is proper even typos in the user name will still be captured and not refused.


By default with each domain, the main login includes shell, ftp and a pop mailbox.


POP accounts
This is a private storage box for email. It would be accessed by a 3rd party email program like Eudora, or Netscape.


These are simple text files you place in your domain in a folder called infobots. When email is sent to your domain with the name of one of these files, the file is automatically returned to the sender of the email.


Wusage 6.0
This is a very powerful tool for tracking visitors to your site. It will tell you how long they were there, what pages they visited and the order they were visited in. With advanced logging activated it will even tell where they came from and what browser was being used.


This is a very flexible tool for interacting with your customers or clients. In simple terms its a interactive style news letter that allows all subscribers to distribute information. There are many configurable features including automatic subscribe and unsubscribe and much more. Each list can email up to 1500 mails per day, if you would like to increase the limit email us for pricing.


Referrer Logs
This is a extended logging features that will document where each visitor to your site came from. You will know if they found you from a search engine another website link etc..., invaluable information when planning your sites marketing.


Access to Secure server
Secure server access is provided on all accounts, we used the Power apache server to encrypt any information you desire that is read or transmitted through a web browser.


Customizable Missing Docs page
By placing a file in your main directory called missing.html you will be able to give a customized page to any viewer that requests a file with there browser that does not exist on your domain.


Server Side Includes
SSI or Server side includes, allow the server to parse special page commands. As example if you had a footer you wanted on all your pages that may change from time to time, you can create a text file with the desired footer and place it in your domain. On each page you put a simple include to read that file and place it at the bottom of the desired pages.


This is Microsoft's simple editor, it requires you own the FrontPage 98 software and have it installed on your home system also. Though front page does not completely disable regular cgi access, there will be a few scripts that will not work properly while this is in use.


Personalized Name servers
We can setup a alias to our name servers in your domain name. This will hide our presence even more from your clients. This can be used for all your add on domains, you may even resell this feature to your clients allowing them to maintain there own.

On the bottom of a whois record you will find the following.

   Domain servers in listed order:


This info can be your name, as example if your domain is the following may be what you see.


   Domain servers in listed order:


Note - With certain foreign registrars you will still need to use the host4u name servers.


Subscribable Maillists
This will allow you to give your customers a email address that they can send to and be added to your personalized maillist. This is a great way to offer your customers a monthly newsletter, sales updates or just a friendly hello. The PlusRoamer1 system is capable of multiple lists so you can organize what information your customers may be looking for, a friendly welcome message will also be sent. The lists can be up to 1000 names and you can email a message up to 75k to the lists you create.

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