ECHO Web Hosting Resellers Program.


How Does the Reseller plan work
When you become an ECHO  Member you can resell web space loaded with Superior features to your clients at whatever price you think is fair. Our pricing structure is the best available and even your clients will be able to have resellers and still do very well. This plan makes you a full web hosting provider with minimal investment and your clients will not even be aware the services are being received through CMHosting Network. All your clients will be hosted on our DS3 connection on powerful Dual pent II hosting servers. Our network is monitored 24 hours per day with 99.95% uptime.

How is billing handled
You will be billed once a month for all domains and features listed on your account. You will bill each of your clients directly.

Do you offer technical support for my clients
Yes, you will act as the first point of contact, we encourage you to email with questions or concerns about your clients web site. However, we provide tech support only, we cannot provide help with HTML syntax or cgi programming problems.

How is domain registration and the adding of domains handled
There's a full resellers section you will be given access to, you will fill out a form to submit the domain for setup on our servers, this is done in less than 6 hours so you can get login information back to your client quickly. Though we don't directly interact with internic, you will find simple on-line forms that we maintain and keep current to make submissions easily and quickly for your clients.

How do I add features for my clients
In the resellers section you will find a number of on-line forms to make submissions of all add-ons. There are also a number of aids to help you with the basics.

Do you handle Foreign Registration
We currently house domains from over 100 countries, any extension that's valid we can house. We don't provide forms to register these domains but there is a resource page linking to most registration services around the world.

Are there any materials made available to assist my customer
There is a full on-line manual that has no references to CMHosting Network that they can use. You will also find we place a FAQ in every domain when its setup that can be easily referenced from any browser.

Can we host domains in sub directories of our main domain
We currently don't offer this service, You may house a client in a sub directory with the URL, limited access FTP logins are available that will go directly to the sub directory.

Can additional domains be pointed to my main domain
Yes, we can alias (park) additional domains to point to the same main page as your master domain and it will also share the same mail system. There is just a one time 25.00 setup for each domain you add as a alias. This service is available for your clients also. Though we may only have a one time fee, many hosting services charge monthly for this feature and may be used by you for a means of additional revenue.

What if the monthly transfer is exceeded
You will be notified ahead of time and allowed to contact your client to see if they would like to pay for the extra transfer, You will be charged at 20.00 per gig on all excess traffic.


What if my client needs more space
You may add additional space to your account or your clients at .15cents per meg, this must be purchased in 10 meg increments.


What type of hardware are you using
We are always upgrading equipment since the hardware market changes so often, all our machines are within 3 to 4 months of the most current processor chip



What operating system and server software is being used
All our systems run a customized version of Redhat, using the powerful apache web server and apache SSL server for secure transactions.


What is the cost for extra logins
The following One time Only charges apply to extra logins:

Pop accounts 5.00

Pop/FTP accounts 10.00

Pop/FTP/SSH accounts 20.00

The above are just one time fees not recurring.


How is billing handled
You will be billed once a month for all domains and features listed on your account. You will bill each of your clients directly.


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