Add Optional Items to Your Existing Domain
(You will only be charged for those that are not included with your plan)

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Domain Name
Your Email
RealAudio/Video    $10.00/mo
Referral Log                 $2.00/mo
Error Log     $2.00/mo
Volano Chat    $9.00/mo
Sub-dir FTP* e.g.  $2.95/mo
Majordomo Mailing List one word, all lower case  $8/mo
Additional Disk Space 5MB  ($2.50/mo)   10MB ($5/mo)
Additional FTP $7.00 each one time
Additional FTP/POP $14.00 each one time
Additional FTP/POP/Telnet $20.00 each one time
Parked Domain  what domain do you wish to park to?  $49.95 setup fee.

If your domain name is registered with a registrar other than Network Solutions, please follow the instructions from your respective registrars to transfer your domain name to ECHO.  
ECHO DNS record is as follows:



Traffic Upgrade:
Set limit permanently
Set limit for current month only


Traffic upgrade fees have two different price scales.
A permanent traffic upgrade provides discounts over a one time or will-pay selection.


  • will-pay $20.00 per gig
  • One month only $20.00 per gig
  • Traffic upgrade to 15 gigs 99.00 extra/month
  • Traffic upgrade to 20 gigs 150.00 extra/month
  • Traffic upgrade to 30 gigs 250.00 extra/month
  • Traffic upgrade to 40 gigs 320.00 extra/month
  • Traffic upgrade to 50 gigs 400.00 extra/month


*Sub-dir(ectory) FTP account limits the user's access to his/her directory.  

I understand that by clicking on the "submit" button below, I authorize Myers Enterprises to charge any additional cost of adding above selected items to my existing account using the original payment method.